The initial carving phase

Initial stage of carving the owl

The first step in carving  an owl  or anything other subjects is to create a reference model from clay. Clay is a lot more forgiving than wood and you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Primed for painting

Ready to paint

Now that the owl was sealed with lacquer and  primed with Gessoe, it’s ready for  painting. Be sure to test your paints on white paper before painting the carving.

Basic shading added

Adding Shadows

Using an airbrush darken the transitions of the feather groups.  This technique will help add depth to paint job.

This process takes multiple very light washes of color.

Building up color

In order to have soft color transitions, add color with very light (watery) washes until you obtain the desired color


Adding white

Both the spots and the facial disk will be colored and softened with light washes of burnt umber.  Finally starting to see expression.

Boreal owl WP2

The finished Carving

With the painting completed, the whole sculpture is coated with a water based flat protective finish.

Boreal owl WS1

Such a beautiful bird

Soon it will be available for purchase.