The Smallest Owl in the World

The Elf owl lives in the Southwest part of the United States and further south into Mexico.  This tiny owl primarily eats insects (scorpions and beetles)  and is adapted to living in a desert environment.  This five  inch tall owl was formerly more wide spread in California and it is rare and declining in Texas.  Strictly nocturnal, it roosts and nests in cavities in saguaro cactus and trees.

Here are some pictures of the finished sculpture

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The colors on this owl will draw anyone’s eyes to further investigate this little predator.

Fine Art, Owls, Sculputue, Wood carving, fine art, Nature, decor,

A view of the back.

Owl, elf owl, birds, wood carving, sculputure, fine art,

Back view of the elf owl that seems to be looking for dinner.

Owls, Elf owl, carving, birds, sculpture,

Perched on a piece of maple burl, looking back over it’s right shoulder.