The Composition

At the request of a customer, this sculpture of two Orchard Orioles will serve as a table centerpiece.  I will have to be sturdy and be aesthetically pleasing from all directions. A pair of Orchard Orioles (the smallest of the Oriole family) will each face a different direction yet they will appear to be interacting with each other.  The male will be perched a little higher than the female while he is anxious to catch her eye.   The female will be aware of the male but some what aloof in her posture.   The male will sit on a branch that runs the length of the piece.  The female will sit on one of two grape vines that will add color.   

Initial carving of Orchard Orioles starts with the head

wood carving, sculpture, bird carving,

Carving starts from the beak to the tail. The male oriole’s head is taking shape.

The armature for the tree branch

Brass armature, sculpting, bird carving

The tree branch is the main support for this sculpture.  The male bird will sit on the left side. The two grape vines will be attached to the base and the branch.

Grape vine stem

sculpture, fine art, bird carving, habitat construction

Brass armature for the branch and one of the grape vines that the female Oriole will be attached.  The grape vines will attach to the branch with small brass pegs and of course the grape vine tendrils will wrap around the branch.

The pair of grape vines with leaves

habitat, sculpture, grape vines, fine art, bird carving, birds, wildlife.

The grape vines, tendrils and leaves are all made from brass.  Careful planning is required before making all the brass pieces.  Especially since they all have to connect to each other. 

Finished Sculpture of the Orchard Orioles

The simple black walnut base provides some warmth and allows your eyes to follow the lines in the sculpture. The position of the birds and the grape vines steer your vision from one bird to the other. 

sculpting, carving, wood carving, birds, bird carving,

sculpting, wood carving, bird carving, Orchard Orioles, nature, fine art,

Dorchard Orioles, sculpture, Sculpting, wood carving, Wildlife, birds, nature, fine art, birds.

My intent with this sculpture was to have the male Oriole look excited about the female and for the female playing hard to get.